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Build your own free website and choose from thousands of templates to create a stunning website within minutes. Free domain name included.

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All your IT products in one package. Our productivity suite, gives you access to all the tools you need in your office:
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Questions and answers

1What is web hosting?
Whether it's a business, an association, or a private person: planning for your presence on the Internet means first and foremost establishing an appropriate storage space for your future website. This is where web hosting comes in: it creates a storage space called web space to a website against payment. In order to offer our customers the best technical standards with the lowest prices, MegaHosting Pro provides web hosting in the form of shared hosting.
2Which host is the best suited for me?
There are numbers of criteria that should be consider when choosing a provider. The most important one would be to choose an experienced provider offering a tailored service for your Web projects allowing you to increase or decrease your web space at will. Your data must also comply with the data protection regulations. Which is why your provider must constantly invest in the security of your data and IT infrastructure.
3Why is professional accommodation paying?
Hosting must always be at the forefront of technology to effectively protect technical infrastructures and customers’ data. Such powerful IT resources and functional security measures come at a price. If you encounter "free" accommodation offers, caution is required, you should check if the offer includes hidden costs. In addition, "free" providers often use ads on their customers' websites. The solution would be the use your own server, but it will mean to afford the infrastructure, security and maintenance costs. The second solution would be to choose an experienced provider such as MegaHosting Pro offering professional web hosting at affordable prices as well as adaptable services to meet your needs.
4How much does web hosting cost?
At MegaHosting Pro, you can benefit professional web hosting at affordable prices. Costs vary depending on the offer you choose going from 15 $ to 39$ per month. All details concerning the services provided are indicated in “our offers section”.



Latest generation technologies
A platform based on advanced technologies is key to achieving high levels of performance. The latest version of PHP, with its memory limit of 768 MB, allows your websites to be faster and more secure.

Why it's worth to choose MegaHosting Pro?



Backup and restore: Automatic data backup, allowing you to recover your lost documents of up to 6 days back.


Modular performance: Do not be a victim of your own success. Manage traffic peaks by instantly adjusting memory, RAM, or parallel processing capabilities.

Technical support

Support 24/7/365: Local teams at your service answering your calls, emails or text messages at all time.

Cloud web hosting

Resources CPU (processor), RAM (RAM) and I / O (inputs / outputs disk) totally dedicated. Environment 100% isolated. Performance guaranteed 24/7.